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Dropbox, New York Times Magazine kick off 52-week “Behind the Cover” series


Published on April 25, 2018

Starting today, Dropbox and the New York Times are teaming up to produce a weekly “Behind the Cover” video series. The series will explore the creative process behind the iconic covers for the New York Times Magazine. How does the design team come up with ideas? How do they make tough creative decisions? And how do they pull it all together in just one week?

The team uses Dropbox to collaborate on ideas and coordinate the many people who help make these covers. These videos offer a sneak peek at early drafts and concepts, including some designs and ideas that didn’t make the cut.

“We’re proud to support the New York Times Magazine throughout their design process,” said Carolyn Feinstein, chief marketing officer at Dropbox. “We know that teams work best when they’re in sync: sharing, collaborating, and providing feedback in one place. It means less busywork and more time for the team at the New York Times to unleash their creative energy—resulting in these iconic, unforgettable magazine covers.”

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