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Retail Week: INDOCHINO is suitably impressed with Dropbox Business


Published on April 26, 2017

When it comes to buying a new suit, few things are more important than fit. But getting that perfectly tailored garment at a reasonable price often requires numerous trips to the tailor to alter a suit bought off the rack.

INDOCHINO’s mission is to change that by delivering made-to-measure suits that don’t break the bank. The company originated selling custom suits online before moving offline and opening physical retail showrooms.

Scaling that type of precise craftsmanship required scaling the way their entire business works together, and that process has been enabled by Dropbox. The company has more than 200 employees around the world, from their headquarters in Vancouver to production facilities in China and to their growing number of retail showrooms across North America.

As the company quickly scaled, its teams needed to share information across a globally dispersed workforce. Collaboration is central to INDOCHINO’s efforts, but emailing files back and forth wasted time and led to issues with version control.

INDOCHINO saw a 312% return on investment after their first year using Dropbox Business. With Dropbox, it has enhanced collaboration among both internal colleagues across office and retail locations, and with external stakeholders. Its teams are now able to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, saving the company an estimated 90 days of work per year.

Saving time is more important than ever as the company looks to almost double its number of retail showrooms in 2017. In some cases, INDOCHINO opens a showroom in as few as six weeks after signing a new lease.

“We’ve been able to centralize all of our information in one place with Dropbox, which has helped us build a consistent and scalable process for opening new showrooms,” says Clay Haeber, COO. “We rely on technology like Dropbox to help our teams work together in the quickest and most effective way.”

When it comes to developing new styles, Dropbox also makes the cut. When INDOCHINO updated its patterns recently, the team used Dropbox to upload and share documents and images. The company also uploads detailed information on the latest fabrics, which it releases each season. Collaborating within shared Dropbox folders, design, retail, and manufacturing team members can all provide real-time feedback during the design process.

With the help of Dropbox, employees are saving time and working better together. The result? They’re free to focus on what they do best: making it easy for men to look their best. We’ll be featuring more of our retail customers throughout the week.

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