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A "higher standard" for tech: Why Mobify depends on Dropbox for Business


Published on September 30, 2014

The right technology can sometimes be hard to find. Just ask Mobify, the Vancouver-based technology company that helps some of the world’s most successful retailers and brands optimize their online experience for mobile devices.

With a tech-savvy staff like Mobify’s, the expectations are high when it comes to a file management and collaboration system. So when Mobify System Engineer Kyle Young heard complaints about Mobify’s existing solution (namely, that documents weren’t syncing and files were being deleted), he knew it was time for a change.

As soon as the team discovered that Dropbox had a business solution that met all of their security and control requirements, they made the switch. As Young recalls, “Anyone who works in technology has a higher standard for the tools they use, and Dropbox for Business really is the only one that meets it as far as a file-sharing solution goes.” The entire 85-person staff was set up with Dropbox for Business in just a week, and the Mobify team immediately started seeing a boost in productivity and an end to employee complaints. Files now sync seamlessly, and IT can spend less time on low-level management. “I used to have to troubleshoot for a few hours every week,” Young said. “Onboarding, off-boarding and setting permissions with our old solution seemed very Byzantine compared to Dropbox for Business.”

Now, company-wide materials — from benefits forms to team meeting slides — are all accessible via Dropbox for Business. It’s also easy for individual departments to collaborate together on projects with shared files; for example, the product team can quickly share designs with the marketing team so they can create promotional materials. “Dropbox for Business has been great for facilitating a kind of ‘guild’ mentality, where designers in different silos can easily cross-communicate and collaborate,” Young says.

Because employees often travel to meet with clients, remote access was also critical for the Mobify team. Dropbox’s reliable sync and offline access makes it possible for Mobify employees to be just as productive on the road as they are at the office.

As Content Marketing Strategist David Fay attests, “We’ll be on a plane or in a hotel room and very quickly have to put an asset together. With Dropbox for Business, everything is there, in order, when we need it, and it enables us to very quickly create materials and keep work moving forward.” Whether the Mobify team is on the road or back at headquarters in Vancouver, they know Dropbox for Business is a solution they can depend on — letting Young and the rest of the team focus on product development priorities.

“At Mobify, we prefer solutions like Dropbox for Business that don’t require us to manage them,” Young said. “The time we get back can be turned around and invested right in our product.”

To see how Dropbox for Business can help make your team more efficient — whether in the office or on the road —  try it free!