Photo of a shopper and employees at a Les Lunes store

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Helping small businesses prepare for a big Saturday


Published on November 10, 2016

This year on November 26, thousands of retailers across the US will use Dropbox to sync and share their promotional assets for Small Business Saturday®. Here’s a closer look at how one company is gearing up for the day.

“Think global, act local" isn’t just slogan for Anna Lecat. It’s a business plan for her sustainable clothing company, Les Lunes, founded in 2010. The company’s retail stores are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, while her employees are spread across three continents. And Dropbox is keeping the team members around the world connected to one another.

More than just stylish, eco-friendly clothing, Les Lunes is promoting confidence and the diversity of its customers. “We’re building a community of people who come together to share their stories,” says Lecat. Les Lunes holds monthly events—everything from fashion shows to in-store yoga classes and mothers’ meet-ups—to keep their customers engaged and active in their community.

Using Dropbox Business, the company keeps event materials organized, shares customer style requests, and ensures consistency across stores and events. “We work closely with our customers and listen to what they really need in their lives. Our designs are a direct result of their requests. We exceed people’s expectations of retail in general,” she adds. And when it comes to community involvement, Lecat says few days are as important as Small Business Saturday®.

The holiday, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, celebrates the uniqueness of local retailers and encourages customers to “Shop Small®.” At Les Lunes, employees are hard at work putting together a new campaign for Small Business Saturday®, a sneak peek into their creative process. Through it, customers will journey to the company’s Parisian design and product development studio, Berlin-based photography department, and private workshop in Shanghai.

Dropbox is helping the Les Lunes team share mock-ups and marketing materials in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day. “With Dropbox, we have a better pulse on how our customers are feeling and what they’re thinking,” says Lecat. “We feed that right back to our designers and our event planners, which lets them know they’re being heard.” Small Business Saturday® is giving the company an opportunity to get closer to their customers and build new connections with the community. “It’s all about bringing people together, and Dropbox helps us get there.”

Interested in getting your company involved in Small Business Saturday®? Sign up to participate here.