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Vita Coco finds a natural fit with Dropbox for Business


Published on July 10, 2014

Vita Coco, a leading coconut water brand, has a 60% market share — but staying on top requires a lot of logistical heavy lifting. In addition to picking coconuts, producing the water, and packaging it all within 72 hours, they ship coconut water to 75,000 stores in 13 countries. Getting the goods from the grove to the customer requires coordination at all levels of Vita Coco’s supply chain and distribution network — and in an industry where freshness is everything, efficiency is critical to their success.

To keep its workforce in sync across seven global offices, Vita Coco tried all kinds of file storage and collaboration solutions. In the early days, they backed up files on external hard drives and used email and free cloud storage platforms to move files back and forth. But after struggling with file size limitations and weekly backups, Vita Coco started looking for a collaboration solution that would better fit their employees’ needs.

As Director of Brand Marketing Brian Olney explains, “A lot of employees didn’t use those tools because they didn’t really fit into workflows properly.”

Vita Coco’s move to Dropbox for Business was very organic. What began as a few individuals using their own Dropbox accounts to share files eventually grew to connect the entire company. They decided to make it official by upgrading to Dropbox for Business, and now departments across Vita Coco use it to streamline their collaboration workflow and to coordinate across teams in 20 countries.

The stakes are really big for us, and we have complete and utter trust in Dropbox for Business.

- Brian Olney, Director of Brand Marketing at Vita Coco

For example, because the company's coconuts come from different beaches, nutritional information varies and must be customized on each region's label. Vita Coco uses Dropbox for Business to manage these hundreds of different packaging designs.

And for a product-oriented company like Vita Coco, close coordination between teams is key. "We have hundreds of variations of packaging. The stakes are really big for us, and we have complete and utter trust in Dropbox for Business," explains Olney.


Vita Coco and Dropbox for Business
Vita Coco and Dropbox for Business

Sales reps in the field have incorporated Dropbox for Business into their daily workflows too, using it for quick access to the product information they need when they’re on the go. “Dropbox for Business helps us push information to our sales guys quickly and efficiently,” Olney explains. “They can immediately convey what something looks like, why a store should buy it, and how it will increase sales.”

With so many employees across so many departments using Dropbox for Business, Vita Coco has seen a huge boost in employee satisfaction and company-wide productivity. “A lot of what makes Vita Coco great is the fact that employees are empowered to solve problems proactively,” explains Olney. “When some employees find solutions that help them work better, those naturally spread throughout the company. Dropbox for Business is great for that.”

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