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Published on October 27, 2015

Today leading businesses are empowering individuals to transform the way they work across their teams, companies, and industries with Dropbox. On November 4, learn how News Corp, National Geographic, Macmillan Publishers, Arizona State University, InVision, Under Armour, and other customers are doing exactly that at Dropbox Open.

At this invite-only event, you’ll hear how these innovative companies are making collaboration simple and flexible by tapping into a network of over 8 million businesses and 2 billion connections.

Arizona State University is just one of the 3,000 educational institutions using Dropbox to enable students, faculty, and staff to get work done. A pioneer of using technology in education, ASU turned to Dropbox to realize its mission of operating as “one university in many places.” After learning that many members of the university community already had personal Dropbox accounts, ASU switched to the enterprise version of Dropbox for its business collaboration tools and security features.

Now faculty and staff can easily access and share files on any platform and any device, no matter where they’re located. “With Dropbox, our reach becomes as immediate and broad as the Internet,” says Gordon Wishon, Chief Information Officer with ASU’s University Technology Office. “An ASU curriculum specialist working in Singapore can develop and upload a shared graduate curriculum and connect with an educator teaching in Paris, an administrator in China, and IT support in Tempe.”

Dropbox for Business also helps design software company InVision collaborate securely and efficiently across teams and time zones. As the product and design teams communicate primarily through Slack, the messaging app’s integration with Dropbox for Business lets users pull Photoshop and Sketch files from Dropbox directly into chats. By helping employees stay organized, Dropbox for Business allows InVision to move faster and keep pace with the growing demand for their product. “Dropbox for Business definitely made things simpler when we could centralize accounts,” says Shalom Weberman, Operations Manager at InVision. “It’s a much smarter use of our funds. We’ve grown a lot and it takes a load off my plate.”

With Dropbox for Business, Under Armour — a global athletic apparel and accessories brand — is able to get to market faster with their product lines. “Dropbox for Business is critical to helping our team collaborate, and the Dropbox badge has made it even easier to work together in native applications,” says Brian McManus, Sr. Director of Technology at Under Armour. “With the ability to see who else is in the file, update to the latest version, and share a Dropbox link right from the Microsoft Office file, team members never have to worry about redundant work.”

Publishers are also finding it easier to collaborate — inside and outside of their organizations — thanks to Dropbox for Business. “Now we can collaborate in real time with vendors, allowing us to do more in less time,” mentions George Baier IV, Director, Publishing Workflow of Macmillan Publishers.

And in the media industry, News Corp and National Geographic are harnessing the power of Dropbox as a collaboration platform to connect writers, editors, photographers, and designers working across the globe to produce great journalism.

To learn more about News Corp, National Geographic, Macmillan Publishers, ASU, InVision, and Under Armour — and how they’re using Dropbox to collaborate, request an invitation to Dropbox Open.