Four college students sitting around a picnic table outside, talking over laptops and tablets.

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How CSUF faculty and students work together using Dropbox Education


Published on June 29, 2016

California State University, Fullerton introduced Dropbox on campus in 2014 after evaluating a number of other cloud-based products. Many students and faculty members were already using their personal Dropbox accounts to collaborate, making the rollout of Dropbox Education simpler as users didn’t have to learn a new way of working together.

“We know the consumer will bring technology to the campus. When you deploy something that they’re not familiar with, they don’t use it. So it’s more effective when you have existing adoption in your school or business because that makes it easier to deploy applications. Dropbox Education was one of those applications.” - Amir Dabirian, Vice President of Information Technology / CIO
Today, faculty members , students, and staff may collaborate in a variety of ways using Dropbox Education:
Faculty/Staff members
  • Distribute course materials to students using Dropbox shared folders
  • Receive student assignments by initiating file requests
  • Use commenting to work together on academic policies, syllabi, and research
  • Conduct lectures with iPads after preparing material through Dropbox on their desktop
  • Submit assignments through Dropbox
  • Use shared folders and file requests to collaborate with other students on group projects

Dropbox visited CSU Fullerton’s sun-swept campus in Southern California to capture how faculty and students collaborate with Dropbox Education.

Check it out here and visit the new Dropbox Education page.