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iQmetrix rethinks retail with Dropbox


Published on August 01, 2017

What does the store of the future look like? That’s the question that iQmetrix tried to answer earlier this year at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention in New York City.

Using refurbished shipping containers, the Vancouver-based retail software company created an experience in which customers could use virtual reality technology to test out surfboards or customize their own car. That kind of shopping may be a few years in the future, but iQmetrix is already transforming retail through technologies like RQ, its retail management platform, and Endless Aisle, its in-store touch screen displays. iQmetrix believes its five product lines offer retailers the ability to deliver an innovative and consistent experience across multiple channels.

To create that experience, iQmetrix prioritizes a world-class collaboration experience for employees, which is why it relies on Dropbox as the primary content and collaboration tool for all 450 of its employees. iQmetrix’s 15-person marketing team uses Dropbox to create and collaborate on all its deliverables. This can mean anything from designing pitch decks for the sales team to working with the company’s launch team to develop marketing materials for new customers.

Before Dropbox, ensuring the brand was represented consistently across these various deliverables was more difficult than it might sound. Each member of the team had a different approach to storing and sharing files, and the back-and-forth editing in different tools made it difficult for the team to share large files quickly and under tight deadlines. Now on Dropbox, everything is kept in one central location and stakeholders are notified whenever there are updates in materials. And because large design files often link to assets stored elsewhere, having this central location has made broken links and missing assets less frequent.

“I started using Dropbox for my work almost ten years ago, and I’ve never found any reason to try something else,” says Cole Ecklund, Creative Director at iQmetrix. “Dropbox is the easiest place to create, share, and stay organized.”

Dropbox’s powerful file previews have also made life easier for the marketing team at iQmetrix. The team works primarily in Adobe Creative Cloud, a tool not made available to all of iQmetrix’s employees. Because Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop files can be previewed in Dropbox, the team can quickly get feedback from internal and external stakeholders without having to export a file. “These files are changing all the time,” Ecklund says. “Being able to preview Adobe files in Dropbox means our clients can simply view a shared folder to check on the progress of our work, without added steps for my team.”

Faster and more seamless collaboration for Cole’s team and others at iQmetrix makes it easy for the company to focus on what’s most important—designing great retail experiences.

To learn more about how iQmetrix and other creative businesses rely on Dropbox, tune into our webinar.