Customer Stories



Published on May 22, 2008

So, what do people use Dropbox for? We have people sharing documents between their colleagues at work, grandparents sharing pictures of their grandkids with the rest of their family, and students utilizing our versioning feature for projects. The possibilities are really only limited by imagination and, well... bandwidth. The team at Dropbox continues to be amazed at how many of our users find new and novel ways of... thinking outside the (Drop)box. Sorry, couldn't resist. Here are a few uses that we found particularly cool:


  • Several of our users use Dropbox to synchronize chat logs (for MSN, AIM, etc.) across all computers of an account.
  • One user set up his webcam to record video once motion is detected, with the resulting file being dumped into his Dropbox. He uses this combination as a security system of sorts when he's out of town.
  • Other users have managed to add some convenience to their work routine by routing incoming faxes to their Dropbox folders.
  • Some of our more hardcore gamers have used Dropbox to synchronize their mods and customizations for games like World of Warcraft.
  • We've even had some people run full websites out of their public directory, making uploading updates to FTP servers a thing of the past.

There are still tons of uses that haven't been explored yet, and we're anxious to see what else Dropbox can be used for. I'm happy to announce that, over the next few days, we will be opening the gates to tens of thousands more users on our beta invite list. I'd also like to give our blog readers a chance to get in too, since I'm sure you guys have plenty of amazing ideas in store for Dropbox. Hurry, these invites won't last too long. Get started here.