How Dropbox for Business powers marketing teams

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How Dropbox for Business powers marketing and creative teams


Published on May 08, 2015

Dropbox for Business is quickly becoming a staple across many different industries and professions, with more than 100,000 customers on board. But there's one group in particular that relies heavily on Dropbox to get their work done — marketing and creative professionals.

In fact, marketing and creative pros share 10 times more Dropbox links than our average user, and have collaboration networks over 200% larger — working with more than 18 colleagues and clients on average every month. The reason? Marketing departments are not only inherently cross-functional, they also work across extensive networks of external partners — from design agencies to media buyers to freelancers. Marketers often operate under very tight deadlines, and many of them are on the road constantly.

All of this means they need an easy and fast way to work together, wherever they are.

Enter Dropbox for Business.

Some of the biggest and best brands in the world have taken this to heart, relying on Dropbox for Business to help their marketing teams move faster.

We're proud to announce that The Absolut Company, MKTG, and Hard Rock International are three of those brands, using Dropbox to fuel their iconic campaigns around the world. On the agency side, the need for fast and easy-to-use collaboration tools is especially pressing.

Lifestyle marketing agency MKTG, for example, uses Dropbox to organize major branding events for their clients — which includes brands like Nike, Beats, and Gatorade. Huge, an end-to-end digital advertising agency, uses Dropbox to coordinate across their offices in the U.S., Europe, and South America — for a client list that spans HBO, PepsiCo, IKEA, and Toyota.

And Tokyo-based Dentsu, one of the world’s largest advertising and PR agencies, uses Dropbox to support a client base that spans 110 countries. Before Dropbox, the company resorted to shipping DVDs to distant clients and vendors. O n the in-house side, customers like

The Absolut Company use Dropbox for key marketing tasks, like distributing their latest large-file content to regional teams across the globe. As the pace of innovation at Dropbox for Business continues to pick up, there's growing excitement for how we can help these teams do more.

Already this year we've launched key business features like groups, the Dropbox badge, and commenting, with even more exciting updates to come. To learn more about why Dropbox for Business is a favorite solution for creative businesses and their IT departments, visit our website.