Customer Stories

Behind Tomorrow Lab’s mission to invent products that matter


Published on June 27, 2019

Tomorrow. There are songs about it. Fictional lands dedicated to the idea of it. The hope for a better day, for a better world, keeps us going.

But these days a twinge of worry accompanies the idea of tomorrow, or the future more broadly. Will tomorrow necessarily be better than today?

At Tomorrow Lab—an invention and industrial design studio in New York City—they’re moving forward. But it’s not without an introspective examination of their purpose and craft.

“Any time a product is brought into the world, it is someone’s responsibility. We don’t need more of everything—I think what we need are fewer, better things,” says Theodore Ullrich, Partner at Tomorrow Lab. “We started building select products in what we call a lab environment, where we had lots of different technical components available to us, and we did it with a real eye towards the future. So, Tomorrow Lab.”

“With each project, we’re trying to respect something, whether that’s someone’s time or their life or the environment."—Theodore Ullrich, Partner at Tomorrow Lab

From agricultural sensors that read soil levels remotely, to wearables that measure sun exposure, to hands-free bicycle navigation interfaces, Tomorrow Lab’s products span across verticals. But they very much have common ground.

“With each project we’re trying to respect something, whether that’s someone’s time or their life or the environment,” Ullrich says. “If the products that we create aren’t at least doing one good thing, then we’re really not doing this right.”

To learn more about Tomorrow Lab’s products, how they bring them to life, and what it means for the future, watch our video: