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Dropbox for Business is a huge hit at music firm Atom Factory


Published on June 26, 2014


In the fast-paced world of music, industry professionals never want to miss a beat. For entertainment and artist management company Atom Factory, this means worrying less about managing their IT so they can spend more time building artists — like clients John Mayer and John Legend — into global brands.

But with Atom Factory’s music files and photos scattered across email threads, portable hard drives, and a host of free file-sharing apps, locating the right materials for any project was quite the task. As Allison Streuter, Director of Technology Partnerships at Atom Factory remembers, “Nothing was in a centralized location. There was a lot of going back and forth, and waiting for assets to upload and download, which took forever.”

The Atom Factory team was eager to find a solution that would make sharing easier, so Streuter moved the company to a Dropbox for Business account. The team created folders for each of their DJ partners and artists — and before long, Dropbox became the central location for all of Atom Factory’s important files. From terms sheets and album covers to company logos and marketing materials, Dropbox for Business made it easy for Atom Factory to collaborate internally and share important material with clients.

Now, Atom Factory’s music team can send tracks to artists and industry professionals outside the company, regardless of file size, simply by sharing a Dropbox link. And the media team can embed shared links in Microsoft Office documents to give their television and media contacts quick access to the material they need. “Dropbox for Business makes project management a lot easier,” explains Nesanet Abegaze, VP of Operations at Atom Factory. “We can all see and approve everything much more quickly with shared links.”

With cleaner inboxes and easy sharing, Atom Factory has seen huge productivity gains — which lets the team dedicate more time to clients and fans. As Founder and CEO Troy Carter says, “Dropbox for Business has significantly raised the bar on optimizing and organizing our workflow.”

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