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Hearing aid platform audibene on the technology that powers its business


Published on January 21, 2015

Technology can be a powerful thing. Just ask audibene, a Germany-based company that provides hearing-impaired individuals around Europe with the best hearing aids to fit their needs. We chatted with Marco Wiesmann, audibene's Managing Director, to learn more about the technology that powers the company behind the scenes — helping them achieve their mission and grow their business.

What does audibene do?

We help match individuals to the right hearing aids. We have a network of more than 800 acousticians who provide consultations over the phone — as well as in-person adjustments — for individuals throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

What are your team's main priorities right now?

We're always focused on creating great products to improve the lives of our customers. But now is an especially exciting time for us as we expand our business to more countries around the world and continue to grow our market share within these respective markets. But to do this requires that all of our systems are easy to use and operate efficiently.

What are your biggest challenges facing your team and how are you addressing them?

As our company grows, it's important for us to have technology and systems that can scale with our business needs. And with employees scattered across the globe, it's equally critical that everyone can access the files they need, whenever they need them. Dropbox for Business satisfied both of these requirements.

We love to hear that! So how does your team use Dropbox for Business now?

Our team uses Dropbox for Business in a variety of ways. We replaced our local network storage solution and now use Dropbox to store and back up our data. This lets our employees access their information remotely, allowing them to be productive whether they're at home, on the road, or working from our remote offices. Also, because our entire company is set up on Dropbox, we can efficiently share data with our entire team in a matter of seconds.

What's your favorite project or initiative you've achieved using Dropbox?

With Dropbox for Business, we were recently able to expand our business to Switzerland. Typically, launching operations in new countries can be tricky, because it requires a lot of coordination between various teams. However, thanks to Dropbox, we were able to collaborate efficiently and quickly exchange information with our colleagues all over the world, and get business running smoothly within two months.

How has Dropbox for Business changed the way audibene does business?

We see the impact of Dropbox for Business at our company every day. As we continue to establish global operations, our team is able to innovate more quickly using efficient communication methods and pragmatic problem-solving. By unifying our vision across the company, our employees are empowered to do their best work no matter where they're located.

To see how Dropbox for Business can make your team more efficient, try it free.