Keira Knightley and Dominic West at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival

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How IndieWire uses Dropbox Business to keep its teams on the same page


Published on March 14, 2018

Keira Knightley and Dominic West at the IndieWire Studio presented by Dropbox - 2018 Sundance Film Festival The IndieWire mission is to be the voice of creative independence. Whether they’re interviewing first-time directors at the Sundance Film Festival, or exploring behind-the-scenes talent in the latest Star Wars film, they’re on a mission to study and celebrate creative voices.

But with two offices on opposites sides of the country—and reporters constantly on the ground at film festivals and TV events—keeping up with all the latest trends and talents can be a challenge.

That’s why IndieWire uses Dropbox Business to keep everyone on the same page. IndieWire recently hit its highest ever audience this past January, with 9 million readers worldwide.

The team pointed to collaboration across several roles as a key to its success. “Collaboration entails the team moving quickly and being able to wear multiple hats to stay on top of the never-ending news cycle in the digital age,” said James Israel, the publisher of IndieWire.

Each day, IndieWire juggles dozens of different documents, contracts, and other files—each specific to certain teams or projects. “In daily interactions with clients, ad agencies, vendors, and the IndieWire editorial team, we use Dropbox to manage all of our marketing materials, sales decks, RFPs, ad specs, and more,” said James. “With hundreds of proposals throughout the year, Dropbox provides a crucial tool to help us remain organized and nimble.”

With Dropbox, IndieWire’s sales team can review ad specs and media proposals from anywhere—essential for an industry that requires fast replies. “We receive many proposals with very quick turnarounds, and Dropbox allows us to move fast between our teams in NYC and LA,” said James.

Most recently, IndieWire used Dropbox to keep everyone connected during a very busy awards season. With team folders, shared links, and the Dropbox mobile app, IndieWire’s sales team could quickly send documents between offices, allowing the team to keep everything running smoothly throughout a competitive Oscar season. “Events like Sundance, the Toronto Film Festival, the Oscars, and the Emmys are moments where the entire team contributes,” said James. “For us to succeed, we have to perform smoothly, and stay in constant communication.”

Dropbox is proud to be helping publications like IndieWire focus on their mission of capturing creative voices. When Dropbox handles the busywork, teams like these are free to do their best, most meaningful work.

Collaborate and create in real time with Dropbox | Learn more
Collaborate and create in real time with Dropbox | Learn more