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Published on June 19, 2013

Happy Small Business week! To celebrate, we’d like to share how Dropbox for Business helps fashion site Refinery29 keep their fashion experts on the same page.

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Clashing patterns

To serve readers around the world, Refinery29 employs trend-spotting editors in the world’s hottest fashion hubs from Los Angeles to London. Getting scoops was never a problem, but collaborating across continents was difficult at first. In the beginning, the in-house server at Refinery29’s New York office proved inconvenient and inaccessible to local editors around the globe. Individual Dropbox accounts filled the gap, but became tough to manage over time.

Moving the entire Refinery29 staff to Dropbox for Business has given everyone quick access to files, and an easy way to share important work. Director of Business Intelligence Shawna Strayhorn says, “with Dropbox for Business, you know exactly where to go to retrieve what you need. There’s no more rushing to find someone to get assets so you can move forward on a project. It alleviates a lot of stress.”

Picture perfect

Today, Refinery29’s editors and senior staff members share directly from Dropbox, eliminating the hassle of re-uploading and downloading files every time they want to share. Now, even though their staff is spread around the world, it always feels like Refinery29 is working from one place. Every New York Fashion Week, Refinery29 receives, edits, and publishes massive amounts of information and photographs.

“In order to generate content quickly, we used to have to work from the office that week. But because of Dropbox, our editors were able to stay connected without actually coming into the office. In between fashion shows, they could work from home — or wherever was convenient — and get stories out even faster and more efficiently, “ added Kurtz.

A stitch in time saves files

From small mishaps like accidental file deletions to catastrophes like natural disasters, Dropbox for Business has given Refinery29 new peace of mind. Senior photo editor Christy Kurtz is grateful for the day-to-day time savers like deletion recovery and version history. “It’s incredibly helpful to be able to restore lost assets so easily,” said Kurtz. But she’s even more thankful to Dropbox for keeping their company afloat during Hurricane Sandy.

“Dropbox saved us during the hurricane. No one had to struggle to remotely log in to a server from home. We didn’t have to stop working — even for 5 minutes.” Dropbox for Business allows Refinery29 to maintain its momentum by letting them deliver content safely and quickly. Under challenging circumstances, deadlines, or even hurricanes, Refinery29 keeps its cool with Dropbox by its side.


Refinery 29: Dropbox for Business case study
Refinery 29: Dropbox for Business case study

Headquartered in NYC, Refinery29 is one of the biggest independent fashion and style sites in the United States. When it comes to connecting millions of readers to the ideas, shopping, and community that can help them express themselves through the best of fashion, beauty, food, culture, and home, Refinery29 is their feel-good destination.

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