Customer Stories

Aller deploys 2,000 Dropbox Enterprise seats to enable cloud-first future


Published on September 29, 2016

Founded in 1873, Aller Group is the largest publisher of weekly magazines in the Nordics, with a weekly circulation that reaches several million readers through a total of over 30 different magazines. Today, we are pleased to announce Aller has rolled out Dropbox Enterprise to its staff as the company puts cloud at the forefront of its technology strategy.

Based on listening to end users and enabling true flexibility, the main objective for Aller Group was to become a company that actively seeks to enable the business through usage of cloud solutions. Aller wanted to put user experience at the heart of the transition to the cloud, so adoption rates were a decisive factor in deploying Dropbox Enterprise.

As Office 365 users, Aller has benefitted from using both products side by side due to deep integrations between Dropbox and Microsoft. "We embarked on a journey to completely transform the way Aller operates, and it was imperative that we brought the employees along with us on our journey as we set out our vision to enable the business through extensive cloud usage," said Michael Enk, Group CIO Aller Group. "We wanted a collaboration platform that was agile, scalable, secure and user friendly. And with Dropbox’s focus on user-centric IT, it felt like the best fit," Michael added.

By deploying Dropbox Enterprise, staff now have improved ability to work anywhere and across any device. The new workflows that have been created through shared folders and real-time editing, increases efficiencies and collaboration. Flexibility and scalability have fueled change at Aller, with the IT department being core to company evolution. The company cares about output, and wants work to be something you do, rather than a place you go.

“This is an important step in becoming a more productive company. We feel putting Dropbox Enterprise and Office 365 at the heart of this will enable a fast ROI," said Michael. “We evaluated other enterprise collaboration platforms, but Dropbox Enterprise offered a platform that matched our high expectations, while still being compliant with government regulations."

Dropbox is used in over 8 million businesses, with over 200,000 paying business customers. To learn more about how you can enhance productivity in your organization, visit the Dropbox Enterprise website.