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Behind Steve Aoki's creative process


Published on July 10, 2018

“When I have to review final work, it’s helpful to see it all in one place like Dropbox Showcase.” —Steve Aoki

How do you keep creative energy flowing when you’re on the road? It’s a question everyone who travels for business has to ask eventually. But when your business is making music, life on the road is nearly nonstop.

So rather than wait for a moment of Zen at the end of a tour, international producer/DJ and electronic dance music entrepreneur Steve Aoki decided to keep creating on the move. So how does he stay organized amidst the whirlwind chaos of life on the road?

To produce his latest album, Kolony, Steve used Dropbox to keep his creative ideas flowing without missing a beat on his tour. And as they were working on videos for the record, Steve and his management company, Deckstar, used Dropbox to coordinate creative reviews.”

“When I have to review final work, it’s helpful to see it all in one place like Dropbox Showcase,” says Steve. “Not only does it look good, but I know exactly what I have to give feedback on, and can give that feedback directly in Dropbox without having to worry about sending emails.”

“Dropbox Showcase is a great tool for sharing work with clients like Steve,” added Matt Colon from Deckstar. “I can easily pull together all our important files in one page that’s easy for him to review. Steve can view and comment easily no matter where he may be on the road, and I’ll get notified so I can respond right away. Showcase can help our projects run smoothly and make clients like Steve happy.”

Note: Dropbox Showcase will be shut down on January 31, 2021. From observing usage of Showcase, we found that it was primarily used for final delivery with analytics. So we’ve made the decision to focus on building dedicated tools—such as branded sharing, traffic and insights, and Dropbox Transfer—to address those needs. To learn more, visit our help center.