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How Dynamic Computing keeps teams in sync with Dropbox Business


Published on December 14, 2017


Dynamic Computing, a Dropbox Services Partner based in Seattle, helps companies collaborate with Dropbox Business. Their customers not only save hours of productivity time every day, but save thousands of dollars in on-premise infrastructure by not adding additional servers.

Here’s how Dynamic Computing and Dropbox Business help make that happen for multiple clients.

Creating a more flexible platform

Teams are often searching for a tool that enables them to collaborate quickly and freely. But the cost and storage capacity limits of legacy file server solutions often hold them back. That's why customers choose Dynamic Computing and Dropbox Business to reduce hardware and support costs, reduce risk, and streamline team workflows. Allworth Design, a Seattle-based landscape architecture and design firm, needed an easy way to quickly share hundreds of photos per month across two offices in real time.

Before Dropbox, the team was relying on email and VPN to share and review large CAD files. Basic file changes could take 30-45 seconds to save and sync, severely slowing designer productivity and client review cycles.

Another customer, Building Changes, was in need of a cloud solution that offered remote accessibility options and a faster way to edit files. With teams traveling and multiple stakeholders involved across projects, the team needed a solution that reduced lengthy project timelines. With the help of Dynamic Computing and Dropbox Business, they were able to simplify the way they share files internally and externally and avoid lengthy delays in communication.

Taking customer productivity to the next level

Dropbox Business was the natural choice for the professional team at Building Changes. Many employees were already relying on Dropbox to store and quickly access important personal files. "What I like the most about Dropbox is the sync feature and being able to access all documents without slowing down my computer," said William Lira-Nichols, Operations Coordinator at Building Changes.

An important benefit for Allworth Design was seeing large CAD files used by designers sync almost instantly, allowing the team to focus on getting the job done. Because Dropbox quickly syncs changes, users can now work on creating their best work without relying on email. The intuitive platform enabled Dynamic Computing to help their customers successfully migrate and implement Dropbox Business company-wide in under two months.

Saving money and time

Dynamic Computing notes that one of the most telling signs of success has been how quickly Dropbox has improved team productivity. Allworth Design realized it was unnecessary to invest in an additional file server to support multiple offices.

For Allworth Design, Building Changes, and multiple clients across industries, Dynamic Computing is the long-term and trusted partner to businesses looking to empower employees with easier ways to collaborate. “Chris Starr from Dynamic was invaluable to helping us get up and running. He was a product expert that could answer all our questions," said Vicki Buechting, Office Manager at Allworth Design.

To learn more about Dynamic Computing, download the full partner spotlight PDF.