An early Christmas at Dropbox


Published on October 02, 2009

Oh man, there's so much stuff to talk about!  The iPhone app was a huge announcement a few days ago but lots of other exciting stuff has happened since our last update: Snow Leopard

Dropbox works just fine with Snow Leopard!  There have been some huge performance improvements and those ugly folder icons are now gone too!  If you've upgraded, you shouldn't notice many changes to the service.  In fact, you probably won't notice anything at all because Dropbox will auto-update itself within the next week and work properly on Snow Leopard without any problems.  There's no need to re-download it :). Commoncraft Video
Watch a video about Dropbox!
Watch a video about Dropbox!
Our friends Lee and Sachi over at Common Craft made a video that explains Dropbox in plain English.  It's a pretty awesome video (and might help you explain Dropbox to your friends and family).  It's also featured on the referral landing page so new users won't be so confused when you refer them to Dropbox.  Let us know how you like it! 2 million users! Some of you may have already read the TechCrunch article, but it's true!  Dropbox has reached 2 million users.  We're really excited to welcome all of our new users who are just beginning to try out Dropbox, and even more flattered by those of you who have stuck around since the beginning.  It's breathtaking to look back and think that we were at about 30,000 users at this point last year (and the team was only 8 people rather than the 17 strong today).  As we continue to grow, we promise to continue providing the same syncing goodness you've come to expect from us, as well as many more awesome features and poetry contests ;).