Bring collaboration into the files that power your business


Published on December 11, 2014

It's always been our mission to make Dropbox for Business the best place to get work done. That means helping you be productive whether you're in the office or on the go — even in the native applications that power your business. Earlier this year, we announced our vision to deliver on that promise, with a sneak peek into Project Harmony. Today, we're delivering the first phase of Project Harmony to our Dropbox for Business early access program — giving you a new way to collaborate right from the apps that power your work, specifically Microsoft Office. Now collaborating on your files doesn't have to mean endless emails back and forth, worrying about who else is editing your file while you're working on it, or uploading the doc into a different format just so you can work with others. With the Dropbox badge, you can see important information right from within the image-rich PowerPoint files or function-filled Excel spreadsheets you already work in, so you can rest assured your team always works in sync. In Microsoft Office documents, the badge will:
  • Show who else is viewing or editing the file
  • Check if there's a more recent version, and give you the option to update with just a click
  • Generate a link to share the document, without ever leaving the application Project Harmony has been in beta with customers for several months, and we've been getting great feedback. For example, Under Armour has been instrumental in sharing feedback from their deployment of Harmony; they've rolled it out to product design teams around the globe, which has helped them expedite the time to market for their product lines. Brian McManus, Sr. Director of Technology at Under Armour, told us: "Dropbox for Business is critical to helping our team collaborate, and Project Harmony has made it even easier to work together in native applications. With the ability to see who else is in the file, update to the latest version, and share a Dropbox link right from the Microsoft Office file, team members never have to worry about redundant work." Starting today, any Dropbox for Business admin can turn on these features for their team through our early access program. Give them a whirl and let us know what you think!