Dropbox full-text search


Full-text search and new sharing controls are here!


Published on November 13, 2014

Today, we’re excited to roll out several new features to all Dropbox for Business customers: full-text search and three new sharing controls. Together, these features will save time and bring additional peace of mind to both admins and team members.

Boost productivity with full-text search

Full-text search makes finding files on Dropbox much easier and faster, so you don’t have to waste time opening folder after folder trying to find that one document you need (the one with the name you can never quite remember). Now, when you type in a keyword, Dropbox instantly returns all documents that contain that word or phrase anywhere in the file — even for docs that were uploaded just seconds ago. (And considering that more than one billion files are saved to Dropbox every day, we’re pretty excited about that turnaround time!) Full-text search is available today for searches in English, on the web and on Dropbox’s iOS and Android mobile apps.


Get additional security and control with new sharing settings

We’re also releasing new sharing settings that give admins and team members greater control over how information in Dropbox is being shared. Admins can now specify the default settings for shared links (which individuals can change if needed), so company information is protected in a flexible way. Admins can also remove individual shared links created by team members, to give them further control over how company information is shared. And with new unified sharing settings, shared folder owners can ensure that any links created to folder content follow the same permission settings as the folder. Dropbox for Business customers, these new features are available for you today. Not yet a Dropbox for Business user? Try it free today to take these features for a spin!