Dropbox around the world!


Published on February 16, 2010

Hi everyone! Hope February is treating all of you well. We've recently hit a huge milestone and now have over 4 million Dropbox users. The coolest part is that this crowd of millions is pretty diverse and encompasses a huge range of nationalities. We like to think that this is because we've created something that extends beyond language barriers-- It can be used by pretty much anyone. I'd like to share some stats with you all. These were thrown together by our analytics pro, Albert, and it gives a pretty cool breakdown of our user population. Users by nationality: 32.7% USA 6.7% UK 6.5% Germany 4.7% Japan 4.0% Canada 3.5% Spain 3.2% Netherlands 2.8% China 2.7% France 2.5% Italy Users by platform: 66.1% Windows only 20.9% Mac only 2.0% Linux only 7.4% Windows and Mac 2.6% Windows and Linux 0.3% Mac and Linux 0.7% All three Just a friendly reminder: We're not spying into your account. This data is based off your IP address. As an added bonus, here's a video (by Rajiv) of 25 seconds of Dropbox client traffic. This video is generated from live data streaming off our servers. Each dot corresponds to activity from a client, with higher towers representing more users from a particular place.  Pretty cool, huh? [youtube=]