Moving right along


Published on April 22, 2010

Hey everyone, We've moved! After two years of working in our first office, it was finally time to move into a place that could better fit the 22 people we've added since then :).

Here are a few pictures of our old shack (we were clearly in need of breathing room).

and now, our new crib! Awwww yeeah.

We'll be sure to post more pics once our furniture gets in!

Speaking of adding new people, we'd like to welcome Tom Meyer (dedicated Android developer), Dan Wheeler (multi-team handyman) and Tom Hoover (client team member) to the Dropbox team as full-timers! Our office isn't the only thing that's moved at Dropbox-- we have a smorgasbord of features that are currently rapidly moving forward in development: As many of you forum-goers probably know, selective sync is the hottest topic on Dropbox's horizon, and we're almost ready to show it to you all. Selective sync gives you the ability to choose which folders in your Dropbox get sync'd to which computers. This would, for example, let you choose to not sync your giant music library down to your netbook's tiny hard drive. (By the way, do any of you have a better name for 'selective sync'?) Our mobile apps are also getting close to the finish line. I'll probably be beaten to death if I give out any more details or info, so just take my word for it when I say that both apps are very awesome, and that you'll be very happy with what the mobile team has thrown together. That aside, there are a few more features under the radar that are guaranteed to make May a ridiculous month ;) Hope you're all having a wonderful spring/autumn!