Awesome uses for Dropbox (June 2011)


Published on June 07, 2011

Hey everyone! We're often contacted by people who have found cool uses for Dropbox, and while we're often impressed by crazy stuff like syncing telescope data between astronomers, or controlling an array of tractors on a farm, we also like hearing about how Dropbox has saved school papers or rescued people at work. That being said, we thought we'd start posting our favorite testimonials of Dropbox we've encountered this month. I just wanted to say that I LOVE DROP BOX! It is so easy to use! I manage a team of agents at a call center in Beaverton, OR and use Dropbox at Work, Home and on my Cell. I will save quality recordings to my Dropbox at work > Listen to them on my way home from my Cell Phone through my Radio > Score the calls when I get home. Dropbox saves me 15 hours easily each week. With the extra time I can spend more time with my agents at work and more time with my family at home. I spend about two hours in my car each day and Dropbox is PERFECT for me! I love you Dropbox! Anonymous I wanted to take the time to thank you for providing the amazing and spectacular services of Dropbox. I am a doctoral researcher in Australia and at any given time I am working on/with several computers. That said, Dropbox has allowed me (quite easily) to work more efficiently and effectively. Going between my home computer and work computer is a breeze. No longer am I chained to the burdens of an unreliable USB-jump drive or the like. I have recommended it to my friends and family - they too also enjoy the services of Dropbox. In one particular event, I had a meeting with a professor and could not remember her office hours. Because I have set Dropbox as my primary 'documents' folder of which included the course syllabus I was able to pull up her office hours and location from my iPhone. In that meeting, she offered me the doctoral researching position I am now in. In short, had I not made that meeting, as intended, or had it not been for Dropbox, a very different result could have surfaced. In short, thank you.  Ian, eventual PhD Just wanted to thank you for a great service. I've found so many uses for Dropbox and keep discovering new ones. Tonight for example. My 93 year-old grandmother is in a hospital in Japan. My mother is there with her; she and I are sharing a folder on Dropbox. After an email from mom telling me that grandma really enjoyed seeing videos of my three-year-old son singing, I quickly shot another video of him, uploaded it to our shared folder, and they were watching the video less than an hour later. How cool is that? Debi If you've got a great story to tell us about how Dropbox has helped you out, let us know at Thanks everyone!