Dropbox and Salesforce


Dropbox for Salesforce: Helping sales teams stay in sync


Published on October 15, 2014

Between emails, hard drives, instant messages, and more, there are hundreds of places where information lives these days. And when time and context are of the essence, as they often are for sales teams, being able to always have the right information on hand becomes even more important. That’s why Dropbox and Salesforce make a great team — and why we’re excited to announce that Dropbox for Salesforce is live today on the AppExchange. Now, right in your Salesforce records, you can easily pull in all your business-critical files from Dropbox for Business and keep them organized according to the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities you care about.
Dropbox and Salesforce
Dropbox and Salesforce
With this integration, Dropbox for Business becomes the information backbone for your Salesforce accounts. You can:
  • Upload files to Dropbox directly from a Salesforce record
  • Keep content up to date for everyone in Salesforce who has access to the record
  • Access files via Salesforce web (including Chatter) and the Salesforce1 mobile app
Permissions are mapped between Dropbox and Salesforce, so you’ll always have visibility and control over who can access files. Dropbox for Business admins will also see a dashboard within Salesforce, making it easy for them to get insights into Dropbox usage. Does your team run on Salesforce? If so, you can get started by adding the Dropbox app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Not a Dropbox for Business customer yet? Try it free today.