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Making our domain management tools more widely available


Published on June 09, 2016

Today we’re excited to announce that our domain management tools are now available to all Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise customers. These features were released into the early access program in March, and have become a crucial part of IT admins’ deployment processes, making deployment and user onboarding easier. Michael Cook, IT admin for The Richards Group, describes the value of using domain management to onboard his employees:

“Having the ability to manage upwards of 20 domains has been crucial to our deployment. We were able to get all those employees on personal Dropbox accounts moved over to our Business account quicker, and into a space that we can manage.”

To learn more about how domain management tools can help you onboard employees and protect your data, visit our Help Center. To get started using these tools today, visit the domains page in your Admin Console.