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Published on September 13, 2013

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UPDATED May 8, 2023 to add product descriptions and links to dropbox.com/desktop.

If you know Dropbox, you know that we like to keep things simple and easy. This goes not only for the apps and features we build, but also the brand that ties them all together.

Drew, our co-founder and CEO, created the first Dropbox logotype in 2007 (yep, an engineer who can wield Adobe Photoshop!) And since then, our logos and brand have evolved as Dropbox has spread to more platforms.

The glyph was born when Dropbox’s original designer, Jon, created a reduced version of our logo for our iPhone app in 2009. Since then, we’ve been using it more and more both inside -- and outside -- the office.




If you take a look at our new branding guidelines, you’ll notice that we’ve phased out the older, more illustrative logo and doubled down on the glyph. We’re also unifying all of our app icons:




The glyph is simple, functional, and we think it feels like us. It’s recognizable at small and large sizes, works in color and black and white, and is made of solid, sturdy shapes that hold up well in physical environments. It’s built to last. Plus, you can fax the heck out of it! 20th century logo designers would be proud.


And while we could bore you with explanations of why we don’t fill the center of the Dropbox glyph or why it’s not isometric, we’ll save that for those of you who join our Design team ;-). We hope you find our logo charming and our guidelines helpful. Keep an eye out -- we’ll be updating everything over the next few weeks!

Dropbox is a collaboration platform that lets you organize all your content in one place and keep your team in sync. To download our products, visit dropbox.com/desktop