Stand up for the open Internet


Published on September 10, 2014

Today we’re speaking out in favor of the open Internet, as part of an online community Day of Action to demand strong rules that protect net neutrality. You can get involved, too. Net neutrality is the principle that all web traffic should be treated equally. Internet service providers should not be able to play favorites or discriminate against the data we access on websites or apps. But new rules are currently being considered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that could seriously harm net neutrality by opening the door for backroom deals prioritizing certain websites or apps over others. These rules could hurt the future of online innovation. For instance, developers could be discouraged from creating new apps and sites without net neutrality rules in place. There are over 300,000 apps built on the Dropbox platform alone, and these developers’ success depends on an open Internet where traffic is treated equally. The FCC has already received a record 1 million comments about this – nearly all in support of stronger rules. We’ve spoken up as well, filing a formal comment in July and signing a letter to the FCC in May. Now, we hope you’ll join us in asking lawmakers to take a stand and help ensure we have strong net neutrality rules. Tweet at your local congressional representative, letting them know you stand for an open Internet (here’s a list of reps and their Twitter accounts): Suggested tweet: @[ insert your congressional rep's Twitter username] I stand for a free and open Internet. Tell the FCC to protect #NetNeutrality.