The Dropbox API!


Published on October 20, 2011

Hey everyone, We're really excited to announce the launch of the Dropbox API for mobile and web apps! Even if you have no clue what the Dropbox API does, chances are you've already used it -- it's the engine that powers our iPhone and Android apps and thousands of third-party Dropbox-enabled apps. This is our first major update since releasing the API, and we're stoked to share the improvements we've made: Increased security You'll never have to enter your Dropbox account info into a third-party app on version 1. Instead, you'll approve access using the official Dropbox app on mobile or via the web at App folders Version 1 adds support for apps that can only read or write to a single folder in your Dropbox. You can rename or move this App Folder wherever you want in your Dropbox, and the app will keep working normally. Search, revisions, and more We've added a lot of new calls to the API to make apps even more powerful. Developers can now build search and sharing right into their apps. Version 1 also exposes the full power of the Dropbox revision system. This includes undeleting files, reverting files to past versions, and not overwriting changes when two people update a file at the same time. More supported platforms Version 0 of the API was designed for mobile apps. While they're still getting plenty of love, we've now added better support for web apps! This includes new tutorials, documentation, and SDKs for Python, Ruby, and Java developers. Our new API is available to developers right now at, so look forward to these features in your favorite Dropbox-enabled apps in the coming months!