Europe-based storage for companies using Dropbox Business.


Making European infrastructure available to our customers


Published on September 22, 2016

Update (June 29, 2018): Europe-based data hosting is now available for Dropbox Business customers with 15 or more seats.
Today, we’re answering a request we’ve received from a number of our customers: Europe-based storage for companies using Dropbox Business*. We’ve seen enormous growth worldwide as more businesses entrust Dropbox with their move to the cloud. In Europe alone, the number of Dropbox Business customers has quadrupled in the last two years. With this launch, we’re giving those organisations more choice, and providing a world-class solution for future European business customers. Late last year, we announced plans to host business customers’ files in Europe. We’ve been working closely with our partner, Amazon Web Services, to set up the infrastructure in Germany over the past few months. The beta customers using the European infrastructure have given us great feedback, and one of our European customers simply said, “Moving Dropbox files to EU. Seamless, effortless and unnoticed.” Now we’re ready to deliver on our promise for other business customers in Europe. It’s the right thing for our customers, and we’re excited to see what opportunities it opens up for them. Claus Jensen, Head of ICT-Operations and Digitalisation at Danish municipality, Hillerød Kommune, said:
"It is very important for us as a Danish municipality to ensure that our files reside within the EU. With Dropbox Business we now have that option and the migration of both users and data has been completely seamless."
Initially, this will be available to business customers with 250+ seats, which will enable us to scale our European infrastructure capabilities as quickly as possible. This is also where we have had the greatest demand from customers, and we fully expect to be able to offer this to more business customers in the future. It’s an exciting time to work with European companies. The businesses we serve here are thriving—they’re inventing products, creating jobs, and building economies. We’re proud to help them be more productive, efficient, and innovative, and can’t wait to see what they achieve next. To learn more about our Europe-based data hosting, contact our sales team. *Update (September 29, 2016 10:00am PT): Europe-based data hosting is also available for Dropbox Enterprise and Dropbox Education customers who meet the same criteria.