Dropbox VP of Design speaks about the future of culture and communication at FORTUNE Reimagine Work Summit


Published on February 26, 2021

Earlier this week at FORTUNE’s Reimagine Work Summit, our VP of Design, Alastair Simpson, spoke about how Dropbox is rethinking its philosophy on culture and communication in the age of distributed work, and shared some practical advice on how to lead distributed teams. The event brought together leaders from diverse industries to connect, share insights, and build the new future of work together. 

Alastair talked about why it’s important to be deliberate and intentional when designing new ways of working, and how that philosophy became the foundation of the Virtual First policy at Dropbox, in which remote work will be the primary experience for all employees. He shared details from the Virtual First Toolkit, such as setting core collaboration hours, a range of time each day that everyone can be online to work synchronously. This leaves time for deep, asynchronous work. Alastair also emphasized the importance of making work human by creating trust and showing empathy with teammates. 

You can watch the video of the full segment from the summit here.