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The Campus Cup leaderboard is live!


Published on October 14, 2015

Every day, millions of university students around the world rely on Dropbox to get their work done. They’re using Dropbox to contribute to group projects, turn in assignments, and work with their campus organizations. Those same students are also using Dropbox to enrich their lives by applying for internships, planning trips abroad, and sharing memories with friends. This is why we launched the Dropbox Campus Cup last month: to show students how Dropbox can help students get everything done, all while earning extra Dropbox space. Campus Cup has been going strong in schools around the world, and today we’re releasing the Campus Cup Leaderboard — a live scoreboard showing which schools are earning the most points, and who’s on their way to becoming champs. As we watch Campus Cup unfold and wait to see who will be crowned champion, we’ll be taking you through some different data trends on Dropbox usage at universities. Are students working late at night? Which schools are the most multilingual? Where are students collaborating the most, and who's working on the most design and technical files? You’ll find out all this and more in our new Dropbox University Insights series. We’ll kick things off this week with our Night Owls and Social Butterflies, going live in just a few hours!