Dropbox + Cove =


Published on March 15, 2012

Hey everyone! Dropbox is growing really fast! The team was at 30 people last March, and today sees us just barely over 100. But words can't describe how excited we are about the newest addition to the Dropbox family: the Cove team. Akhil Wable will add some engineering experience and muscle to the team. Akhil was one of the architects of Facebook's search system, and built much of their core infrastructure for storing a graph database. You've probably used a lot of his work if you've used Facebook Share or Notes. Joshua Jenkins provides some much-needed relief to Dropbox's design team, and was Cove's sole designer. Josh has the unique distinction of being the only designer (out of around 20) to pass Cove's insanely difficult hiring process. Aditya Agarwal and Ruchi Sanghvi have been amazing advisors and friends to us the past couple years, and we're thrilled to make the gig official. Aditya and Ruchi both have legendary histories at Facebook (they were around when it was upstairs from a Chinese restaurant), and their experience working on products used by hundreds of millions of people will prove invaluable at Dropbox. The two of them will be taking up senior roles here, and we're stoked to have them aboard. So, what exactly is Cove, and how does it play with Dropbox? Cove has developed great tools for sharing and indexing your stuff across groups of people. Sound familiar? Seeing as our vision is the same and both teams are driven to build stuff that just works, joining forces was a no-brainer. It also doesn't hurt that Cove's backend infrastructure plays so nicely with Dropbox. We think that this is the beginning of something really special at Dropbox; and given how ambitious our newest projects are, Cove couldn't have shown up at a better time. Please help us welcome Cove to the team! P.S. - We're always hiring!