Graphic with Dropbox logo and "200,000 customers"


Our next milestone: 200,000 Business customers


Published on July 11, 2016

Dropbox knows what works at work. We’re focused on building products that meet the needs of end users and their IT admins equally well. And it’s working—we’re now free cash flow positive and an industry leader with almost 200,000 Dropbox Business customers. These are milestones we’re proud of, and the result of giving our customers the best of both worlds—tools they love and strong security. We’re reinforcing that on the product side by adding new productivity features for end users as well as more management and security controls for IT. On top of that, we’re making it easier for businesses to subscribe directly through our website and product itself, as well as through resellers and direct sales. In the past six months, we’ve increased the size of our reseller network from 2,000 to 3,400 partners. And if you’re a larger business, we have direct sales support and solution architects ready to help. Increasingly, CIOs view Dropbox as a solution that helps their entire company work better together. Being free cash flow positive means that we're now funded by our customers, for our customers—at scale. This allows us to serve cutting edge media companies like News Corp, large enterprises like HPE, as well as innovative businesses of all sizes. Our investment in our own custom infrastructure, Magic Pocket, is already having a major impact, and laying the foundation for rapid product innovation in the workplace. We have many exciting announcements in the coming months that build on this power of scale. Dropbox brings together user convenience and secure collaboration for teams of all sizes. We’re building a best-in-class company to improve the ways we work together.