Faster onboarding and better control with domain management tools


Published on March 17, 2016

Update (June 9, 2016): Domain management tools are now available to all Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise customers through the Domains page in the Admin Console. To learn more, visit our Help Center. Ask anyone in IT—deployment and onboarding are a lot of work. And the larger your company is, the more complex and time-consuming the task of getting people up and running is. Add to that the ever-present need to protect company data, and you can use all the help you can get. So, today we’re making it easier for IT teams to administer Dropbox Business and Enterprise deployments with a new set of domain management tools. These new features simplify and speed up the process of bringing users onboard and controlling Dropbox usage within your company. Launching today as part of our early access program, domain management tools bring admins four new features:

  • Domain verification. In a world full of online services, email addresses often serve as users’ de facto identities. That makes your company’s email addresses an easy way to identify employees’ Dropbox usage. With this tool, you can easily claim ownership of your company’s email domains, and unlock the other domain management tools.
  • Invite enforcement. Previously, if someone using a company email address on an existing Dropbox account was invited to a team account, they could opt not to join. With invite enforcement enabled, each of these users will be required to migrate to your company’s Dropbox team, or change the email address on their personal account. This will help you accelerate deployment, and bring individual Dropbox users in your company on to your team account quickly.
  • Domain insights. (Dropbox Enterprise customers only) Visibility plays a huge role in helping IT teams make informed decisions. With domain insights, admins will be able to see key information, including how many individual Dropbox accounts are using company email addresses. Equipped with these details, they can better understand existing Dropbox adoption and make use of the final domain management feature, account capture.
  • Account capture. (Dropbox Enterprise customers only) Domain insights arm admins with information; account capture lets you take action. This feature allows you to force all Dropbox accounts using a company email address to join the team or change the email address on their account. With this, you’ll be better able to prevent unauthorized usage and gain control of company data.

You can get started with our new domain management tools today. Just visit the Account page in the Admin Console to enroll your Dropbox Business or Enterprise account through our early access program.