Dropbox by the numbers in Q1 and early Q2


Published on May 07, 2020

The global pandemic has undoubtedly shaped work behaviors over the last few months, and while we don’t yet know the full impact of these changes on our business, here’s some of what we’ve seen so far in terms of how our customers are using Dropbox. We’re proud to deliver products they can rely on during this uncertain time.

Demand for our products has increased

Since mid-March, we have seen daily Dropbox Business Team trials increase 40%, with higher levels of engagement and collaborative activity. Daily trial starts to our Plus individual plan also increased over 25% in the same time frame.


Taking a deeper look at signups, we noticed a sharp increase in Basic signups on both mobile and web in many highly impacted COVID-19 countries, including Italy, France, Germany, and Spain in the first two weeks of March.

Adoption of our new desktop app has increased

We introduced our new desktop app in September 2019 as a unified workspace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together. Since then, more than 350,000 of our 450,000+ Dropbox business teams have started using our new desktop app. Since March, weekly active users on the new desktop app have increased by approximately 60%.

Usage of our Zoom integration has increased

During this crisis, video conferencing has become a staple—both in our personal lives and for work. We recently added enhancements to our Zoom integration, which allows users to present Dropbox content in Zoom Meetings, add or join Zoom Meetings right from Dropbox, and record and save Zoom Meetings and transcripts to Dropbox. Heading into April, we saw more than a 20x increase in usage of our Zoom integration, compared to February levels. 

Usage of HelloSign and HelloWorks has increased

HelloSign joined the Dropbox team last February as our e-signature and document workflow platform. Product suite capabilities include eSignature with HelloSign, fully customizable document workflow solutions with HelloSign API and HelloWorks, and electronic fax with HelloFax.


Across March and April, we saw significantly higher usage of HelloSign products, with the number of signature requests up 3x from average levels across January and February.

People are also using HelloWorks for new COVID-19-related use cases. For example, lenders have leveraged the product to send out tens of thousands of small business (Paycheck Protection Program) loan relief applications. And a New York based urgent care facility relied on HelloWorks to process more than 2,500 patient intake forms in April alone. 

It’s rewarding to see our customers turn to Dropbox at this pivotal moment and we’ll continue to share our insights about the larger patterns emerging in the ways we work. You can read more about our Q1 2020 results here.