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The Dropbox advantage


Published on April 26, 2016

Greetings from Dropbox Open London, where we’re hosting some of our global and regional customers and partners. For our customers here, we hope this will be a day full of new ideas, inspiring stories, and high-level networking. For us, it's a time to reflect on how far we have come, from a personal tool for our co-founder, Drew Houston, to a service adopted by CIOs of major companies from News Corp and Condé Nast Britain to Hyatt and National Geographic. Today hundreds of millions of people use Dropbox, and they bring it into millions of businesses to help them get work done. We’ve created one of the most powerful collaboration networks in the world by building a product that’s simple and easy to use. This is backed by industry-leading sync, with the highest standards for security and reliability, and IT admin features and certifications that put CIOs in control. As an innovation-driven company, scale and user adoption tell us we’re on track. And while some competitors think of Dropbox’s wild popularity as a weakness, our business customers tell us it's the “Dropbox advantage.” After all, you can’t realize the value of the cloud with shelfware. When our customers deploy Dropbox Business or Enterprise, they see impressive levels of adoption compared to other services—because it’s a tool their people actually want to use. They see major security advantages, because their teams start actively using tools that offer IT visibility and control. And they see significantly better return on investment, by eliminating legacy costs and enabling greater productivity and collaboration. Our obsession with solving real problems at scale continues to drive our product philosophy. And so today at Dropbox Open we’re excited to preview Project Infinite, which targets one of the biggest problems our users tell us they face: the conflict between the overwhelming increase of information, and the reality of space-constrained hard drives. Project Infinite fundamentally reimagines how teams find, access, and collaborate with large amounts of data in their Dropbox. With Project Infinite, users are able to seamlessly and securely access all their company files in Dropbox from the desktop, regardless of the size of their hard drives. IT managers appreciate Project Infinite’s cross-platform support and backwards compatibility. Find out more about Project Infinite here. Project Infinite is just one of several exciting announcements we’re making today about the future of Dropbox. And as you might expect, there's a special focus on our commitment to Europe:
  • Growing customer momentum in Europe and beyond Europe loves Dropbox. One in four European internet users are on Dropbox. The number of Dropbox Business customers in Europe has quadrupled in the past two years. Companies like Channel 4, Expedia, Fritz Hansen and Lagardère Active are using Dropbox to enable their teams to collaborate better and get work done. Find out more about just a few of our new customers here.
  • Expanding European leadership team To support our growing presence in Europe, we’re appointing Philip Lacor to the role of Vice President, EMEA Sales at Dropbox. Philip will manage our European sales organization and work closely with our customers and teams in the region. He joins Dropbox from Vodafone in Germany, where he was responsible for their enterprise business. Lacor will report to Thomas Hansen, Global Vice President, Revenue.
  • Dropbox Platform update with the new File Properties API The Dropbox File Properties API is an important addition to the growing Dropbox Platform. This API allows customers to add custom metadata to files for use with third-party tools, and unlock new solutions and services including data security, data migration, and asset management, making it even easier for companies to adopt Dropbox.
Dropbox is uniquely positioned to turn the power of widespread adoption into the next generation of tools for business. The “Dropbox advantage” has served us and our customers well, and we continue to work hard every day to bring greater security and value to businesses across the world.