Welcome DocSend to Dropbox!


Published on March 09, 2021

With the sudden rise in remote work, teams are more distributed than ever, bringing new challenges to content collaboration. It’s harder to stay organized, and information is scattered across disparate files, teams, and tools. As a company trusted by more than 700 million users around the world, we adapted quickly to this new environment, and reoriented our product roadmap to address the challenges of distributed work for our customers. We’re focused on building one organized place for content, and all the collaboration around it.

Today, we’re taking another step towards making that vision a reality. We’re excited to share that we’ve signed an agreement to acquire DocSend, a successful, fast-growing company that provides business leaders with a secure document sharing and analytics product. DocSend’s more than 17,000 customers—from client services to investor relations—use its tools to close business deals, onboard customers, share sensitive financial documents, and more.

DocSend empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to take more control over their common workflows and turn them into real business outcomes. This is even more important in the world of remote work, since effective collaboration with external parties feels more siloed and results can be difficult to measure. Today, DocSend’s customers can securely organize, manage, and share their business-critical documents and content. Powerful analytics give them insights to better understand how viewers are engaging with their content and whether it’s effective.

Together, we have the opportunity to amplify DocSend’s capabilities and bring its benefits to even more people and industries. DocSend’s secure sharing and powerful document analytics are a great complement to our expertise in content management at scale. And once combined, Dropbox, DocSend, and HelloSign will offer a full suite of self-serve products to help businesses around the world manage end-to-end critical document workflows and drive meaningful business results. For example, client services teams and creative professionals who already rely on Dropbox to organize and collaborate on messaging docs, presentations, and projects, can use DocSend to deliver proposals and track engagement, and HelloSign to manage contracts and invoices. The combination of Dropbox, DocSend, and HelloSign will help streamline workflows for sales, finance, client service, and executive teams across all industries.

Our shared strengths have been clear ever since DocSend became a Dropbox extension partner in 2019. Our roots in self-serve growth and belief in creating easy-to-use products make this a great fit for the Dropbox family. As the lines between work and home continue to blur, we’re focused on helping our users organize their content, securely share it, and collaborate no matter where they are, and DocSend is another step in that direction. Together, we’ll be able to deliver even more value to our customers, and we’re excited to see what we’ll accomplish as one team. Welcome to Dropbox, DocSend! 

Updated March 22, 2021: We’re excited to share that we’ve closed our acquisition of DocSend! Another big welcome to the team. We’re happy to have you as part of the Dropbox family.