Dropbox and the media industry


Dropbox for Business surpasses 200% annual growth among media companies


Published on October 29, 2014

The past year has been a big one for Dropbox for Business. We've added loads of new features and functionality, and we've seen huge growth in our customer base around the world. With more than 80,000 organizations relying on Dropbox for Business today, there are passionate users across every industry. But we've noticed that there's one market in particular that's adopting Dropbox for Business at an exponential pace — and that's the media industry. We've recently seen more than 200% annual growth in the number of media companies using Dropbox for Business. They span the entire breadth of the industry — from publishing heavyweights like Hearst, News Corp, and Macmillan Publishers; to magazine giants like National Geographic, Valiant Entertainment, and Athlon Media Group; to broadcast pioneers like Spotify, ReelWorld Media, Channel 4, and RadioLab. Why the growth in this area specifically? For one, media and entertainment networks are vast and tight-knit. Companies in this industry frequently work with hundreds of freelancers, who in turn work with many different companies — which means that collaboration across organizational boundaries is critical. That's an area where Dropbox for Business shines, providing simple yet powerful ways to securely share with both internal teams and external partners. Plus, hundreds of millions of people (and 1 in 5 media professionals) 1 already use Dropbox to get work done, so Dropbox for Business is an obvious choice for storing and sharing files — no time is wasted training team members or freelancers on how to use the product, and high adoption is virtually guaranteed. And because the media industry is global (and 24/7), easy international collaboration is crucial — so the fact that 70% of Dropbox users are located outside the US makes a big difference when evaluating ease of use. In speaking with some of the media organizations that use Dropbox for Business, we noticed a couple other themes emerge, too. Several companies mentioned how quickly they could upload and sync large files, which is incredibly important in the media sector given how frequently they work with content like high-def videos and layouts. (Thanks to streaming sync, Dropbox offers even faster syncing of large files.) We also heard many professionals talk about Dropbox's integrations with media-specific apps like Final Draft, Vimeo, and Shutterstock, which means Dropbox for Business can just plug into their team's existing workflows. This growth is just the beginning, though; we're excited to keep making Dropbox an even more powerful tool for media and entertainment organizations. To learn more about why Dropbox for Business is a favorite solution for media professionals and their IT departments, visit our website. 1 Based on 2014 US Census data and Dropbox adoption metrics