Behind our latest brand campaign: For all things worth saving, Dropbox


Published on August 04, 2021

Our brand campaigns always reflect the changing role that Dropbox plays in the ways we work and live. Last year, our campaign showed how people were adapting to new ways of life and remote work during the pandemic. This year, we wanted to highlight how our customers rely on Dropbox for the things they care about most.

“For all things worth saving, Dropbox” highlights the content our customers store in Dropbox. We wanted to show that they’re more than just files—they’re precious possessions that represent important life events such as starting a family, growing a business, travel, and much more.

“I'm excited that we’re using real customers to help tell our brand story, from both a personal and work perspective,” says Dani Hussey, Head of Brand Marketing. “This approach highlights our core functionalities by showing the truly valuable things people save and share on Dropbox.”

Here’s a preview of some of the featured customers and the stories behind their files.

Dominique King 

King is a graphic designer based in Portland who unearthed a suitcase in her attic filled with generations of letters, photos, and trinkets that helped her rediscover her Mexican heritage. Worried that these treasured objects might get damaged, she digitized the collection and saved it on Dropbox so that future generations would be able to see them.

USA Bobsled and Skeleton Team

The USA Bobsled and Skeleton Team is comprised of not only athletes, but also coaches, managers, and volunteers. Together, they use Dropbox to store things that are integral to the team: designs of innovative sleds and uniforms, as well as action shots like this, which capture important moments from races.

Creativity Explored

Creativity Explored is a San Francisco based non-profit that aims to empower developmentally disabled artists by celebrating and nurturing their creative potential. When their studio closed during the pandemic, they used Dropbox as a virtual gallery to store, share, and sell their artwork.

Our redesigned look

The brand campaign is also the first time we’re leveraging our updated visual identity system in our advertising. This system was created first and foremost with our customers in mind and focuses on simplicity. In the case of the campaign, we use a juxtaposition of documentary photography with files that our customers have saved in Dropbox.

“It’s their unique and diverse use of Dropbox that inspires us,” says Liz Gilmore, Executive Creative Director. “I'm proud of our team for championing the stories of real customers through a beautiful updated visual identity system, telling both a product story and a human story to show the value Dropbox brings to their lives.”

Previous user experience
Updated user experience

We also recognize that work can be messy and chaotic at times, so we’ve created a calmer feeling on our sites by building a clearer visual hierarchy, simplifying fonts, and reducing our color palette. And to provide a more cohesive experience for our customers, these visuals will soon be applied to all our surfaces and experiences, including product pages, as well as future brand and product marketing campaigns.

Check out our full brand campaign here.