Send Dropbox to SXSW!


Published on August 26, 2010

Hey everyone, SXSW is half a year away and we'd like to send Drew (our CEO) there to give a talk! For those of you who aren't too familiar with SXSW, it's an annual festival in Austin, Texas that celebrates film, music, and the interactive. We know we often talk a lot about how crazy the past three years have been, and it certainly hasn't been just a walk in the park. Drew will share his lessons learned along the way, covering topics like user conversion, do it yourself marketing/PR, and how to attract a million users with a small team. He won't be able to give this talk without your vote though! If you plan on attending SXSW this year, you should definitely vote this panel up so you can see the man behind the box this coming spring. Even if you're not going, vote Drew up anyway and watch the video afterward! :D Thanks everyone!

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