Some spring cleaning


Published on June 25, 2008

Okay, so it isn't exactly spring anymore, but I figure it's never too late to start, right?  It's not like those of us up here in the Valley really go through seasons anyway.  The past two weeks have been pretty crazy up here at Dropbox HQ, and for several reasons:
  • Our devs are hard at work squashing any remaining bugs still crawling around in our clients.
  • Rian, our resident Linux expert, is also occupied 24/7 with putting the finishing touches on our super-elusive Linux client.  All you rabid Linux users out there needn't fret anymore.  We'll have your vaccine out and ready within a week or two.
  • We've had a bunch of new Dropboxers move into the office (photo tour upcoming), and getting them up to speed with how we roll around here has proven both challenging and entertaining (more the latter thanks to frequent breaks of Rock Band).  Incidentally, some of us still don't have places to live, but we're definitely willing to offer beta accounts/storage increases if you happen to have a place in San Francisco where some of us could stay :D.
Just because we're busy at the office doesn't mean that we've stopped caring about what goes on outside of it though.  As promised, here are some more invites.  Grab these quickly!  Our last batch ran out within 30 minutes. And now, an epic picture of our CTO Arash undertaking the valiant struggle of slaying bugs: PS - I'd like to emphasize that the bug in the picture is NOT drawn to scale... we do NOT have monster bugs crawling around our code.  well, hm, maybe it is drawn to scale.  Arash is pretty short, I suppose.