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New partnerships will bring more Dropbox to more countries


Published on November 02, 2015

We're always looking for ways to bring Dropbox to more people, so today, we're announcing new partnerships with telecom providers around the world. With over 70% of our users located outside the US, expanding our international footprint is a priority. And these partnerships, along with the four offices we opened across the globe in 2015, will do just that — bring us closer to users, anywhere they live. Syncing, sharing, and more with Telmex We’re teaming up with Mexico’s largest broadband, internet, and telephone services provider to bring the power of Dropbox to Telmex customers. Their Infinitum broadband customers will be able to save, share, and collaborate on files in Dropbox with 5 GB of space free for 12 months. And for those looking for more storage and advanced features, Infinitum customers will be able to bundle Dropbox Pro with their subscriptions. Protecting photos, videos, and more on Vodafone We’re also extending our partnership with Vodafone. Earlier this year, we began offering extra space to new Vodafone users who signed up for Dropbox through the Vodafone Backup+ app. This offer has been so popular that we’ll be expanding the promotion to cover users in more Vodafone markets. It’s the perfect way to keep your photos, videos, and other files safe. Reaching more in Austria A1 Telekom, a leading provider of telecom services in Austria, is teaming up with Dropbox. They’re offering their mobile customers up to 100 GB of free Dropbox space for 6 or more months, making it easy to access files from anywhere. All told, these partnerships will help people in 23 countries connect with Dropbox. Along with our partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, SoftBank, and more, they’re helping to bring Dropbox to more of the apps, devices, and services you use every day.