Dropbox for Business team language


Simplify onboarding by customizing your team’s default language


Published on October 22, 2014

  Dropbox for Business has grown quite a bit in the past year — and with Dropbox users located all over the world, a big part of that growth has been from international teams. Dropbox for Business is available in 19 languages (with even more to come!), and today we’re introducing new language settings to make it even easier for global businesses to work on Dropbox. Dropbox for Business admins, you can now customize your team’s default language so all new team members will be automatically set up in that language. Your team’s activity report will come in that language as well. Of course, in today’s global business landscape, we know it's increasingly common for companies to have employees who speak different languages. So even with a default language for the company, we’ve made sure each team member can still choose a different language for his or her own account. When it comes to onboarding, this small change can add up to a lot of productivity — putting new team members one step closer to hitting the ground running, no matter what language they speak. Want to get started? Check out our help center for more details on how to update your team’s default language.