New Dropbox logo and colors


The world needs your creative energy


Published on October 03, 2017

I’m constantly inspired by the way people use Dropbox. Musicians create and share compositions. Showrunners iterate on scripts. Set designers turn sketches into scenes that transport us to new worlds. Medical researchers coordinate data with their teams to develop vaccines. Dropbox isn’t only a place to store your files. We’re a living workspace where people and ideas come together. But while the way people use Dropbox has changed dramatically over the past ten years, our brand hasn’t. That’s why today we’re excited to tell the story of our brand and unveil a new look for Dropbox. The design reflects our passion: building tools that help teams find focus, stay in their flow, and unleash their creative energy. Our new brand design was inspired by the creative work of our customers. They remind us every day what we’re capable of when we unleash our creative energy. You don’t have to be a painter or documentarian. We all want to do work that has meaning, that reflects our ideas and our potential.
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So what’s stopping us? A lot of busywork and burnout. One study found that many office workers waste 60% of their time on tasks like hunting for information in an inbox, answering email, or coordinating with colleagues. And no wonder: These days we’re all juggling between dozens of different apps, tools, and devices. The tools that were meant to save us have created endless distraction. They scatter our attention and keep us chasing our tails. It’s easier to search the entirety of human knowledge on the Internet than it is to figure out what’s going on at your office. At Dropbox we believe creative energy is a precious resource—and the world needs it now more than ever. It’s not about working more: it’s about focusing on the work that truly matters. That’s why we build tools that automate the annoying parts of work, like Dropbox Smart Sync and version history, and distraction-free places for teams to collaborate, like Dropbox Paper. We want to free you up to do more of the stuff that nourishes and sustains you.
New Dropbox illustration style
New Dropbox illustration style
Since our founding, Dropbox has stood for a better way of working. Now we’re showing our true colors—literally in some cases! We borrowed some of our new color palette from our global offices to reflect the passion and personality of our culture. We can’t wait for the world to see Dropbox the same way we do. You’ll start seeing our new look everywhere, from our website to our products, over the next few weeks. We’ll also be sharing our story in a global ad campaign from the US to the UK to Australia. We’re passionate about bringing positive, meaningful change to the culture of modern work. We want to unleash the world’s creative energy.