All-new Dropbox for Business


The all-new Dropbox for Business is here


Published on April 09, 2014

We’re happy to announce that starting today, the all-new Dropbox for Business is available to everyone. We’ve rebuilt the product to give users one Dropbox for personal stuff and another for work stuff. Users can easily access both Dropboxes from any of their devices.

We did this to give admins more visibility and control over their company’s data. Remote wipe helps protect confidential information, account transfer helps you maintain business continuity, and sharing audit logs let you track how your Dropbox for Business information is being accessed.

It’s a really exciting time to build Dropbox for Business and bring it to companies of all sizes. And they’re excited, too:

As these companies have learned, collaboration with Dropbox is as easy as putting something in a folder. And we're exploring new ways to make working together great. One new initiative we hope to make available later this year, Project Harmony, will let you see who’s editing a file, have a conversation with other editors, and keep copies in sync — all right inside the apps you already use. Check back here on Friday for a closer look. In the meantime, here’s a peek:

Project Harmony
Project Harmony