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Filmmakers at Sundance share how they’re using Dropbox


Published on February 08, 2016

We just got back from the Sundance Film Festival, where we had a great time meeting filmmakers and learning about the creative process. As we talked to filmmakers there, we heard a lot about just how much they rely on Dropbox to keep production rolling. With 65% of this year’s Sundance filmmakers on Dropbox, it’s no surprise. Whether it’s collaborating across multiple locations or pooling resources in one convenient place, Dropbox is giving filmmakers more flexibility in the way they work. And that in turn is is giving them the creative freedom to make the movies that make us laugh, touch our hearts, and rouse us to action. For Matthew Heineman, director of Sundance award-winning Cartel Land, it’s a matter of simplicity. Says Heineman, “There's no way I'd be able to make films like I do without Dropbox. I don't have any fancy servers, I don't have fancy FTP sites—I do everything through Dropbox.” And he isn’t alone. We connected with directors, writers, and producers at Sundance, who told us that Dropbox is making their work better, too: Looking for some ideas on how to use Dropbox for everything from screenwriting and pre-production to distribution and marketing? Download our How to give Dropbox a role in your next film guide, and see how indie darlings and Oscar winners work.