Akhil Gupta, Dropbox VP of Infrastructure


Meet our new VP of Infrastructure, Akhil Gupta


Published on August 11, 2015

Following recent additions to our Sales and Product leadership, we’re thrilled to announce our own Akhil Gupta is being promoted to VP of Infrastructure and joining our executive team. Over the past three years, Akhil’s been indispensable to Dropbox — scaling our infrastructure as our user base has grown eightfold to over 400 million. Prior to Dropbox, Akhil served as Principal Engineer at Google, where he built and scaled their search ad infrastructure. There, his team of 40 engineers supported a staggering 60% of Google’s revenue. Here at Dropbox, Akhil will continue to oversee physical and technical infrastructure, operations, and security. With 1.2 billion files saved to Dropbox every day, the work Akhil’s teams do will only grow more critical as we scale around the world. Thanks, Akhil, for everything you’ve helped us build, and congrats!