DBX is coming


DBX: A Prologue


Published on June 17, 2013

Hey everyone,

Once upon a time, we built Dropbox to make it easy to have your stuff anywhere, and share it with others. But after using it a bit, many of us thought: "Wouldn't it be great if [insert app name] could do that too?"

That's why we started building Dropbox's APIs (application-programming interfaces) for developers, which let Dropbox speak and interact with some of your favorite services and apps.

Dropbox's APIs started with humble beginnings. At first, our Core API let users get to their stuff in Dropbox from other apps they were using. Developers then asked for ways to harness Dropbox's sync engine, so we released our Sync API to give apps their own cross-platform file systems. And most recently, the Dropbox Chooser has made it easier than ever to add stuff from Dropbox to any website. But there’s plenty more in store at DBX.

Today, the APIs power thousands of apps from personal mobile apps to enterprise collaboration tools — and that number’s growing every day. Developers have built and innovated on some awesome stuff alongside Dropbox and we’d like to celebrate that creativity by gathering our developer community together at DBX. We’re really excited to get feedback from you and we’re eager to share our vision of the Dropbox Platform.

We hope to see you at Fort Mason on July 9th! Request an invitation and follow @DBX2013 for updates.