Dropbox introduces enhancements to our AdminX tools, Dropbox Paper beta, and global infrastructure.


Introducing enhancements to AdminX, Paper, and our infrastructure


Published on November 16, 2016

As more and more teams bring Dropbox into their businesses, admins have been working to keep pace with rapid user adoption. The ongoing challenge? Balancing a team’s need to share and collaborate with the need to maintain security, control, and visibility. Recently, we launched our AdminX initiative to help strike that balance by applying a “user-first” design approach to admin tools. Today, we’re introducing enhancements to our AdminX tools, Dropbox Paper beta, and global infrastructure to give admins even more power to protect your company’s data without sacrificing productivity.

New admin tools improve visibility and centralize control

Increasingly, admins need to rein in data sprawl to gain control without disrupting business workflows. We want to help make their jobs easier. So, as the next phase in our AdminX initiative, we’re adding new capabilities to help IT better manage Dropbox deployments:

  • Network control to prevent data leakage. We’re partnering with leading security companies—including Barracuda Networks, Netskope, Skyhigh Networks, and Symantec—to help Dropbox Enterprise customers better protect work networks. Now admins have the ability to block use of unsanctioned personal Dropbox accounts while still allowing access to work accounts.
  • Subdomain verification to simplify large scale deployments. With this new feature, admins can selectively roll out Dropbox to specific teams, and easily fold existing accounts into the corporate domain.
  • Device approvals to expand access with improved security. Admins can now limit the number of synced devices and tailor the approval process with management settings and a customizable user exception list.
  • Enhanced audit log to streamline reporting and audit activity. Starting this month, admins will be able to perform targeted investigations of user activity to safeguard company data.

New admin controls keep collaboration secure on Dropbox Paper beta

We recently introduced Dropbox Paper beta, a simple, powerful way to work together where teams effortlessly create, share, and keep your team on the same page. We’re thrilled to hear how it’s helping teams work together in all kinds of ways—like brainstorming in real time, capturing meeting notes, and creating checklists to assign tasks. As Paper becomes an increasingly valuable part of a company’s workflow, we want to make sure admins have the control they need. So we’ve extended the critical parts of AdminX to Paper with 10 new tools. Now, customers on Dropbox Business and above can control sharing with external parties, gain visibility into usage, and keep company info secure.

Expanded cloud footprint improves performance globally

With 75% of our customers residing outside of the US, we’re committed to finding new ways to better serve users around the world. Today, we’re expanding our data center footprint with eight regional accelerators in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our new Points of Presence (PoPs) in New York, Washington, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong will provide businesses with faster data access across the globe. In addition, our newly adopted open-peering policy enables direct connection to our network worldwide to accelerate transfer speeds. These infrastructure enhancements are already delivering a huge improvement for customers, including sync performance up to 3x faster than before. These continued investments are all part of our ongoing efforts to empower admins and enable teams to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. To start taking advantage of our enhanced controls, visit your Admin Console. To learn more about our enhanced infrastructure, contact our sales team.